with paprika, caraway seeds or green pepper

The cheese is produced in the form of a tall cylinder, weighing 18,7 lbs (8,5 kg). It is full-cream, with the addition of paprika, caraway seeds or green pepper. The colour of each cheese has a shade of the added spice. This cheese has a very distinct, salty taste. The texture is flexible and semi-hard. Perfect for gourmets of spicy meals.

with chili, garlic, or chives

It is a Dutch-type cheese with the addition of chili, garlic, or chives. It is produced in the form of a flat cylinder with a diameter of 7,1 ins (18cm), weighing 5,5 lbs (2,5 kg). The colour, as well as the taste, indicate which spice was added. It has a flexible texture. Amber cheese is very popular among gourmets of spicy meals. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and pizzas.