The milk products cooperative in Skarszewy has been operating continuously in this form since its establishment up to the present day.
The principal aim of the cooperative (stated in the statute of the company) is not profit-making, but performance of activities to benefit its members.

Therefore, in our activity, we focus on the production of high-quality cheese and butter, produced from the best-quality milk only, bought from our suppliers.

Our products contain no substitute ingredients that would lower the costs of production (and thus the quality of the product). We do not substitute vegetable fat for milk fat just as we do not add potato starch. We do not use thickeners or fillers and the like. Our cheese and butter are produced using the latest advancement in food technology combined with traditional methods and techniques.

The biggest reward we can receive is our customers' approval and satisfaction. Through our products, customers can enjoy the taste of genuine cheese and butter. We also very much value the prizes won during various food events, which are the sign of recognition for our work and involvement. Among others, we are the proud winners of THE GOLDEN MILKY REVUE award for our latest product, SZENEKER cheese, the prize granted during Gdansk International Fair in May 2010.