In 1894, the dairy in Skarszewy was registered; building of the dairy plant started. Local craftsmen participated in the construction process. The plant was equipped with the then innovative machines. The production started in 1895. Cheese and butter were the main products.

The view on the dairy from before the First World War
source: W. Brzoskowski, E. Zimmermann, Skarszewy na starej pocztówce i fotografii

After the First World War, the dairy belonged to the territory of the Second Polish Republic. 85% of the shareholders were Germans, 15% Poles.

1937 - after the mergers with the smaller plants, the dairy in Skarszewy became the biggest plant in the area
1938 - Poles constitute 40% of the shareholders; beginning of the plant conversion and replacement of equipment with the more modern one
1992 - introduction of the new milk-reception system; since 1992, milk has been handled by the specialised tankers
1995 - replacement of the ammonia-based refrigeration system with the freon-based one
1997 - replacement of the coal boiler room with the oil one
2000 - modernisation of the production line
2004 - the dairy in Skarszewy was qualified for the trade on the territory of the European Union

Headquarters of the dairy in Skarszewy from 2005

2006 - another expansion of the plant
2009 - beginning of the production of Ricotta-type cheeses