The best from milk

Natural, ground ricotta sold in plastic beakers of the capacity of 0,5 lbs (250g). Ricotta is a whey cheese. It is the resultant of processing of whey, drained during the cheese production. The main ingredients of ricotta are proteins: albumin and globulin. It characterizes itself with high nutritious values. Natural ricotta, received from high-quality whey, has a slightly creamy or even greyish colour. Its main health values are immunological qualities. Whey proteins contain a special type of antibodies called immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin can prevent prostate cancer since it increases the level of the natural anti-oxidizer in the liver. We offer several products made from ricotta.

Perfect for cheesecake

It is a natural ricotta, sold in buckets of the capacity of 2,2 lbs (1 kg). Perfect for home-made cheesecakes. We also offer bigger packets to bakeries, confectionery shops amd catering businesses.


Cheese spread consisting of ground ricotta, salt and cream. Offered in four flavours: cream, herbal, paprika and with chives.

Salad cheese

"Fetti" is the outcome of the compression of natural, salted ricotta. We offer it in two flavours: natural and with pepper.