Skarszewski is a Dutch-type cheese. The cheese is sold in blocks weighing 7,7 lbs each (3,5 kg). The characteristic bulge on the sides of the ripe cheese indicates the presence of big, oval holes in its flexible flesh. Moreover, the cheese characterizes itself with a mild, slightly nutty flavour. Prolonging its ripening period may increase its spiciness. Skarszewski cheese may be used for sandwiches or as a salad ingredient. Perfect for meat and vegetable meals or casserole as well as a snack, served with plum or strawberry jam.


Dutch-Swiss type of cheese. Its characteristics are flexible and uniform texture and small, irregular holes. It has a mild, slightly salty and slightly sour taste. It is full-cream and weighs 5,5 lbs (2,5 kg). Recommended for pizzas and casseroles.


Salami is a Dutch-Swiss type of cheese and is produced in the shape of a tall cylinder, its diameter being 3,3 ins (8,5 cm). It is a semi-hard cheese with a flexible texture, medium-size holes, and creamy, yellow colour. It has a mild, slightly spicy and slightly sour taste. Thanks to its shape you get round slices when cutting, perfect for sandwich rolls.


Dutch-Swiss type of cheese. It is semi-hard and has a flexible, uniform texture. Its holes are small, numerous and irregular. Its taste is slightly spicier than Dutch cheese.


Dutch-type cheese. For its production we use sweet buttermilk. It has a flexible, compact flesh, creamy, yellow colour and numerous, small holes. It is distinctly salty and spicy in its taste. It is formed into 9,9 lbs (4,5 kg) blocks. Being a full-cream, semi-hard cheese, it is perfect for any kind of meal.